Measuring our progress

Since its adoption, the RTA, the Service Boards, and the region’s many stakeholders have been working toward the transit system that Transit is the Answer envisions. Tracking and reporting on our regional transit system’s performance is one of RTA’s core functions. This page will house quarterly updates on the priorities described below with more information available on the RTA blog or in the RTA newsletter.

Additionally, the RTA regularly evaluates the impact and effectiveness of the region’s transit system and shares information to increase transparency and accountability. A current snapshot of data is available on the State of Transit Dashboard and Finance Dashboard, as well as Performance Measures Dashboards for each of the three transit system outcomes outlined in Transit is the Answer.

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A number of regional projects will be advanced this year under three priority categories. Learn more in the Quarterly Updates below. 

  1. Secure increased funding for transit operations
    1. Develop a funding structure less reliant on rider fares
    2. Build a coalition around the value transit brings to the region
  2. Make the system better for riders
    1. Fully fund and expand the free and reduced fare program
    2. Hold cross-sector safety and security summit
    3. Review of rider communication and information
  3. Plan and program investments to support a thriving region
    1. Regional accessibility improvement plan
    2. Regional climate action plan
    3. Transit friendly communities plan

May 2023

Implementation Update: Fully funding and expanding programs for vulnerable populations

August 2023

Implementation Update: Applying a holistic approach to improving safety and security on transit. 

December 2023

Implementation Update: Access Pilot Program will expand reduced fare to SNAP recipients.

Performance Measures

The RTA collects, analyzes, and reports out metrics to demonstrate progress on plan implementation regularly

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