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Why this is important

The RTA is committed to cultivating relationships between riders and transit agencies with two-way engagement that empowers communities’ role in transit decision making.


How the RTA is prioritizing inclusive community engagement and transparency

June 15, 2023

RTA launches performance measures dashboards to track progress on strategic plan outcomes

October 4, 2023

Explore 2023 RTA Local Planning projects and successes in interactive implementation report

April 18, 2024

Input from stakeholder working groups

Stakeholder working groups suggested strategies to increase transparency and communications with communities regarding transit funding and spending. This included articulating needed and desired information on transit investment in easily understood language and accessible formats, evaluating current outreach efforts to identify ways to improve, and developing community advisory groups to provide feedback and build further capacity for community input in all elements of transit planning.

Advocacy work ahead

RTA will expand the role of the RTA Citizen Advisory Board (RTACAB) to strengthen the rider voice in transit planning and decision making. The RTACAB will help track progress toward the goals of the strategic plan.

Support communities' efforts
Secure increased funding for transit infrastructure