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Transit is the answer to many of the most urgent challenges facing our region and plays an essential role in the lives of millions of riders — but the system has been drastically underfunded for decades. Now the system is facing a $730 million operating shortfall starting in 2026 due to the rise of remote and hybrid work during the pandemic. Increasing investment in transit is key to advancing equity, growing our economy, and combating climate change. Growing public funding for transit operations would prevent severe service cuts and fare increases and help agencies improve service, grow ridership, and create a more equitable system.


Our Advocacy Agenda includes long-term, substantive changes to the transit system like pursuing eTOD across the region, and building more transit-friendly streets and BRT.

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About The Plan

Three principles — Equity, Committed to Change, and Stewardship — drove development of the plan, which was co-created with hundreds of stakeholders.


Transit agencies are adapting to improve the rider experience while the system faces a fiscal cliff.


Our Action Agenda includes items like ensuring transit is safe and secure for everyone, making the system more seamless and affordable, and continuing to adapt to changing needs.

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