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Why this is important

Transit riders should have clear, accurate information about when and where their bus or train will arrive. Recent advances in technology have improved real-time information, however, the way our transit system communicates is not as accessible and understanding as it should be. The RTA and Service Boards are listening to public feedback and working to make improvements.



On time performance for Metra, Q4 2023


On time performance for CTA, Q4 2022

How Chicago’s transit agencies plan to improve rider communication and travel information

May 16, 2023

New Metra train tracker

CTA, Pace, and Metra are continuously pushing their hiring efforts and host various job events throughout the year.

Input from stakeholder working groups

Stakeholder working groups crafted specific strategies to make immediate improvements. These include implementing on-board Metra communications displays, improving station and platform signage and audio messaging, and completing a comprehensive review of the quality and accessibility of existing displays and audio announcement systems.

What we as a region could do with more resources

With more resources, the agencies could update their central operating software and hardware on vehicles more frequently, which would make location reporting more robust and accurate. Additional digital signage could also be installed and improvements to the Ventra app could be made. Additional technical staffing at all agencies would also help advance projects more quickly.

Implementation Activities

Shared Activities

The agencies will work together to commission an independent review of the accessibility and usability of rider communication, signage, and information-sharing across and between agencies.


Lead review described in Shared Activities.

Continue to advance better rider information with more interagency signage and will work with Service Boards to pursue improvements to in-vehicle and at-station transfer announcements and real-time messaging.


Upgrade bus tracker interface and on-board displays on buses.

Pilot a ChatBot feature to provide riders with more information or ability to report issues to the CTA.

Enhance tracking information on Ventra app.


Rollout new train tracking system and in-station displays of real-time train tracking.


Implement Transit app Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

Improve Pulse Dempster station information systems.

Implement displays for real-time information.

Fully accessible transit system
Seamless and more affordable